COMPOSITION No.1 - laloupedesign
COMPOSITION No.1 - laloupedesign
COMPOSITION No.1 - laloupedesign
COMPOSITION No.1 - laloupedesign

Composition No.1

Wall art abstract composition made by Marco Duenas, using sliced black wood offcuts salvaged with purple heart accents mounted Baltic birch plywood with a maple frame

9 x 12 x 1in.

Walnut, maple, purple heart, plywood

Feel free to contact us at if you have any additional questions or need help deciding size and style. We will be happy to assist you. 

Marco Duenas

A multi-disciplinary artist, Marco creates geometric, three-dimensional abstract objects that incorporate minimalist concepts and abstraction through the interplay of space, color, and form, His work focus in the essence of the forms and materials used. Despite some of the pieces simplicity, they’re infinitely complex in construction and composition.

Mixed media

In his work, he incorporates a curated selection of cut off pieces of wood from La Loupe’s lamp production, including American walnut, maple, oak, and sapele, with acrylic paints.

While some of his pieces are wall-mounted sculptures, others are a combination of three-dimensional elements and paint mounted on a baltic birch plywood panel, finished with a slim floater style hardwood  frame.

Commissions are welcomed, please message to discuss.