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With an aesthetic drawn from the 20th-century art and design movements, geometric forms and clean lines are reflected in the pieces we craft.
Delve into our lighting collection and unique wall sculptures to discover your personal favorite.

pendant lamps
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Mid-Century Modern swing arm wall Pendant lighting
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gemma lamp

Modern style handcrafted table lamp

la loupe + blue light junction

A collaborative collection using locally sourced indigo dye to give each lamp a unique touch for the creation of one-of-a-kind product. These lamps capture in a delicate way the beauty of indigo and underline the collective effort involved in the cultivation, extraction, and work of natural dyes.


We are dedicated to creating unique interior lighting and decor, exploring the intersection between craft and design to create functional and artistic objects that connect us with our sense of home and beauty.

Modern Handmade lampshade for unique ambient lighting interior decoration

the studio

Believing in the beauty and value of handmade objects, our work seeks to explore artisanal processes with new technologies and creative concepts. The name of our studio, La Loupe, which means magnifying glass, represent the idea of curiosity and discovery. A symbol of wonder, exploration, and the visual attention we give to our designs.


Lighting has a direct impact on our emotions and plays a crucial role in space design. It possesses the ability to create distinct sensations and experiences. At La Loupe, we are committed to shaping these experiences by crafting light objects that provide elegant and warm lighting, transforming interiors into comfortable and inspiring spaces.


Our collections are the result of our exploration of materials and forms, and they reflect our commitment to providing well-crafted objects with meaningful design. We strive to incorporate sustainable practices that uphold traditional craftsmanship while embracing new technologies. Our production process follows a slow-manufacturing model that values craftsmanship and creative thinking.


We understand that every home and project is distinct, and we believe in providing tailored customer service. Our services include customized options and visual aids to help you visualize the lamp in your space and choose the right design and size for your project. If you have any questions or special requests, please feel free to contact us at info@laloupedesign.com.

Our Showroom

Visit our new showroom in the Station North Art District at
209 McAllister St Baltimore City, MD 21201

La Loupe's showroom is located on the 2nd floor at STUDIO BLUE, an annex space of Blue Light Junction, a natural dye studio and lab.

Send us a message to plan your visit.
(By appointment only).

CONTACT US at info@laloupedesign.com