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handcrafted lighting

welcome to la loupe

We are a craft design studio dedicated to create unique interior lighting and decor.
With simple and functional character, and a sense of art and beauty we find in handcrafted object, our lamps provide a warm and diffuse source of lighting that create welcoming and inspiring interiors.

LA loupe

The name of our studio ( loupe / lüp/: small magnifying glass) represents

the process of exploration and discovery. A symbol of observation

and visual attention that we bring to our design.

The collections

Influenced by 20th-century art and design movements, geometric forms and clean lines are reflected in the objects we craft.
Browse our collection of Pendant Lamps, Table Lamps, Wall Lamps and Artwork and find your favorite piece.

la loupe + blue light junction

a collaborative project

indigo pendant lamp
Natural Dye Garden & Lab
There is a hidden natural dye garden in Baltimore City.  Located at 209 McAllister Street in Central Baltimore’s Greenmount West neighborhood, as a Hidden Harvest Farm “annex”, this place became...

VISIT OUR NEW showroom
@blue ligth junction

You can now visit us at our new showroom located in the Station North Arts District in Baltimore City, as part of STUDIO BLUE, a studio and
community space annex to Blue Light Junction. While we are still working on
the space, the showroom is ready and open to the public by appointment.
Please send us a message to to schedule your visit.