Layering Light: Finding the right balance

When planning your interior lighting, the key is to understand the main lighting categories and to know how to layer these light sources to get...

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LED Light Bulb Quick Reference

The light bulb selection plays an essential part in creating the mood of the space. This quick guide will help you to understand the difference...

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Alexander Calder: Modern to Start Image - Calder FoundationLast December, after two years, we finally had the chance to visit the MOMA, and we couldn't...

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La Loupe in NY

Last November we had a big commission for The Greens, a NY Pop Up restaurant on the rooftop of @pier17ny Originally conceptualized in August 2020...

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Shibori Lamps

I'm have always been amazed by Japanese textile techniques and shibori is one of them. This technique is a way to embellish textiles by shaping...

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La Loupe Design

Although our design studio is based in Baltimore, Maryland, the origins of La Loupe Design begin in Argentina... It all started in the year 2012. I (Jorgelina)...

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At the Studio

Last month we received a visit at one of our studios from a journalist student, Emily Casavant. Her assignment was to portrait a Baltimore business...

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2019 Craft Shows

As we are getting ready for our first Craft Show of 2020 I was looking back at 2019, remembering and realizing how much we had...

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