Natural Dye Lab & Garden

Natural Dye Lab & Garden

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 Did you know that there's a local garden in Baltimore City where natural dyes are grown?

Located in the North Station Art District, Blue Light Junction is an independent natural dye garden and color lab founded by textile artist, farmer, and natural dyer Kenya Miles.

In the spring of 2019, Kenya, Rosa Chang, and a team of dedicated volunteers joined forces to transform this place into a experimental dye lab and garden a space for exploration and creativity. Blue Light Junction's primary focus lies in the growth, processing, and preservation of natural dyes with a commitment to preserving the rich history of these dyes and exploring their various artistic, practical, and commercial applications.


natural indigo dye and process at Blue Light Junction natural dye garden and lab in Baltimore City, Maryland


Through my experience of volunteering and working in the garden during the summer of 2020, I encountered a friendly community, and it was during this time that I rediscovered the profound power of plants and their significance in our lives.

And it revived my interest in the ancient craft of natural dye. From the very beginning of a seed to the its transformation into beautiful colors, each step is an essential part of a cycle that honors a sustainable and ancient craft practice that holds a profound meaning, one that connects us with nature and the truly narrative of their history and processes.


natural dye garden and lab in Baltimore City


During my visits to Blue Light Junction, Kenya and I started talking about the idea of collaborating, and in 2022 we created a limited-edition of La Loupe's Misaki pendant lamps.

What makes this collaboration special is that we used locally sourced indigo dye to give each lamp a unique touch for the creation of one-of-a-kind product. These lamps capture in a delicate way the beauty of indigo and underline the collective effort involved in the cultivation, extraction, and work of natural dyes.



See this exclusive edition of our Misaki Pendant Lamps at our online shop.
We are also thrilled to share the exciting news that we now have a showroom located at Blue Light Junction's 2nd floor.

We can't wait to welcome you to our new space where you can see firsthand this and all our lighting collections and immersive in the beauty of natural dyes. Send us a message to plan your visit. (By appointment only).


Blue Light Junction is located at 209 McAllister St in Baltimore City. Visit their website to know more about their initiative and programs:

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Natural Dye Lab & Garden
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Natural Dye Lab & Garden

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