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Summer vacation

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I have always wanted to start a journal to share ideas, art and design topics, our work, the ins and outs of our design studio, and our philosophy. It always seemed like such a difficult task since I'm not good at writing, but I have decided to give it a try and embark on this journey.

The idea took shape during our last summer vacation in August 2019 on Assateague Island . What better way to start this journal than by sharing such a beautiful place and experience?



Assateague Island is a place we try to visit every year. Unfortunately, we couldn't make it last year due to weather conditions. We were really looking forward to spending this summer's short vacation camping and kayaking in this beautiful place. Connecting with nature always boosts our creative process, and we really needed this time to relax, recharge, and enjoy the beach and the ocean.

We always have a great time, and this year was no exception. We spent time at the beach, taking long walks, playing pelota paleta, swimming, or simply relaxing on the sand, gazing at the ocean. One activity that has become a tradition is heading to the bayside with our kayaks to gather mussels, which we cook in the fire pit for dinner the next day. We are incredibly grateful for what this place has to offer.



Spending time observing and appreciating these natural wonders truly enriches my everyday life. Patterns constantly emerge and evolve through the interplay of growth, fluidity, wind, water, and sand. Naturally formed patterns have always intrigued and amazed me. I can spend hours observing whatever catches my attention and selectively collect a few pieces that possess unique details, patterns, or other characteristics to add to my cherished collection of natural objects and treasures. The way this beautiful and inspiring form is created through the interaction of multiple forces and energies, is a natural piece of art.


Coming to Assateague Island has become one of our favorite summer pleasures. We keep coming back every year to spend a few days camping on the beach, and I can assure you, we will be back next year!



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